Often keys, whether for you car, truck, RV, home or business become worn-out by sheer use. We at Vehicle Locksmith can replace your worn out keys with precision.

Anti-Theft Issues

Some cars are equipped with an anti-theft device. Flashing lights and noises accompany this device when triggered.

We at Vehicle Locksmith can reset the anti-theft device and get your vehicle to start again. If the anti-theft module needs to be replaced we can service you in that as well.

Broken Ignition

If you have a broken ignition which requires a lock tumbler to be replaced or repaired, we at Vehicle Locksmith will be there for you.

With all the new vehicle technology and the electrical switches needed to start your vehicle, we at Vehicle Locksmith have the expertise to assist your vehicle needs. If your vehicle has no cranking going on, we can diagnose your problem and help you on your way to moving about again.