Key cutting is a science. Without the proper equipment keys can work only part of the time or may not work at all, wasting your time and money. Vehicle Locksmith keeps up with the latest equipment technology in the art of key making. We can cut every type of car, truck, motorcycle, RV, home or business key. This includes laser cut automotive key, transponder keys, smart keys, vehicle anti-theft system (VATs) keys, valet keys and more. Because we cut your keys by code, they are sure to be accurate and working for you at all times.

Speciality Keys

Laser cut keys which are also called internal cut to sidewinder keys have high security standards. Transponder keys are keys which have the transponder built into the key. Smart keys are strictly electronic in nature, and are considered a type of keyless entry system.

Vat keys have a built in security system which the car verifies before the vehicle will start, if the key is wrong the car will not start and will go into a non-start mode for a specified period of time based on the car make and model.

Tibbe keys are specific to the Jaguar and Ford models. These type of keys have numerous cuts to be made which make it difficult without specialized equipment. A Proximity key system is a method of reading a card or key tag without requiring any physical contact between the card/tag and the reading device. These kinds of “key” devices are found in Nissan, Toyota, and Lexus models